Cristiano Tassinari

Cristiano Tassinari moved to Berlin from Forlì, Italy. He studied Fine Arts in the

Academy in Bologna and Milan.

All the work of Cristiano Tassinari can be seen as a personal lived experience project

(his own, his friends and his parents) that he shares with the public in a poetic way.

In his installation Tassinari joins the “traditional” painting with an anonymous and

generic sign production: he leads a process of deconstruction and reduction of the

artistic creation, playing with conventions and mistakes.

“Since the beginning of my work, I have passed through such schemes, aimed by the

intentions to negotiate the reciprocal relations. Shifting from photo-paintings to some

more conceptual pieces, I try to call the praxis of artistic creation into question.”

The work reveals ambiguous relations and answers, shows the documentation of its

self-generation, brings to attention simple daily wares like a reflecting surface or a

graphic mark.

The (apparently) different paths bring to the same end, the intention of transferring

private emotions to a public area, of spreading the awareness of the universal value of

some topics, like death or human frailty.

He’s been awarded with the Giorgio Morandi Prize and he’s took part in several

significant international residencies such as the SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art and the

Campigna Prize.

A selected exhibition history of the artist includes shows at: Bernheimer

Contemporary, Berlin; Ncontemporary, Milan; MAR, Museum of the City, Ravenna;

PAC, Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Milan and Michetti Museum.

His works are held in numerous public and private collections such as San Domenico

Museum, Forlì; Michetti Foundation, Francavilla Mare; Malvina Menegaz

Foundation, Castelbasso and MAR, Ravenna Art Museum, Ravenna.