Johannes Vetter

Born in Munich in 1979, Johannes Vetter first studied Painting and Graphic Design under Franz Ackermann at Kunstakademie Karlsruhe.

After studying abroad in Warsaw, he obtained his Diploma and got Meisterschüler under Marije van Warmerdam.

Vetter works and lives in Berlin. He took part in numerous national and international exhibitions in Essen, Munich, Salzburg and London and is now presenting his art work in Berlin.

Vetter is represented by Bernheimer Contemporary in Berlin.

The focus of Johannes Vetters works lays on the analysis of Image and Figure particularly with regard to the technique of Photography and its capacity of capturing a moment of life.

Concerning the fact that todays process of preserving our memory is mainly focused on photography, Vetter counters this phenomenon with his realistic yet mysterious paintings which concentrate on one secular action or moment. The painting series of the washing hands almost seem to be filmstills, when he captured or reproduced the moment of himself washing his hands in the bathrooms of important Museums of our time. The observer becomes a witness of an intimate action, seemingly ordinary and almost simple. And still the action is embedded in a setting of time and space where one could not figure out where it started and how i is going to end.

Johannes Vetters works won’t tell you a story but invite you to contemplate in a frozen moment or a loop of action which seems to be repeated on and on. In his work Vetter carves out the question of ambivalence between surfaces and profoundness, which he examines through content and its pictorial language. His paintings range between those two poles and he manages to guide the observer to a special world which is anonymous and carried away between art-historical references and symbolisms which set the profane sujet in