We are proud to invite you to the first stage of the Exhibtition ARACHNE by Jan Kuck during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 at Arsenale Docks in Venice, Italy. The illuminated carpet Installation ARACHNE deals with circumstances of... weiterlesen >>


On Sunday June 05th we are opening the exhibition BRUSH it UP – contemporary painting! The focus lies on new works of Milana Schoeller and Carles Castel. Works from Tatajana Naaf von Sass, Sebastian Klug & Johannes Vetter are completing the exhibition. OPENING: Sunday, June 05th,... weiterlesen >>


+++ EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 19TH 2016! +++ The solo show SPIELRAUM by Blue & Joy artist Daniele Sigalot occupies four rooms of the agency. The Italian artist presents some of his new significant artwork. A monumental concentric structure of aluminum... weiterlesen >>

What would I die for?

+++ EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 19TH 2016! +++ BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY is proud of their first group-exhibition during the Berlin Gallery Weekend. WHAT WOULD I DIE FOR? is a representation of the ultimate sacrifice someone would die for. The exhibit features works of five contemporary... weiterlesen >>

The Taste of Addiction

THE TASTE OF ADDICTION CUPS, CAPSULES, RECIPES AND THE TALE OF YEMENI COFFEE Participating Artists: Ibi Ibrahim Victor Alaluf Jan Kuck Dirk Biotto On Sunday noon, the 8th of November 2015, the agency Bernheimer Contemporary Art Solutions and Projects will... weiterlesen >>

Looking Forward Looking Backwards

Participating artists: Andreas Blank Stefan Draschan Thomas Draschan Manfred Peckl “Beyond Art Brut” special exhibition (curated by Anna Fech) Annemarie Delleg Klaus Pörnbacher Arnulf Rainer After the big success of her first exhibition “Who Cares? Social Responsibility in Contemporary Art“, Isabel... weiterlesen >>