honey, it’s all about money

NIFTEE creates the concept artist’s first NFT with Jan Kuck.
Jan Kuck’s conceptual art not only experiments with textures such as wood, fabric and neon tubes. For his current installation, he also transports his vision to the digital level: the NFT for the physical artwork “Honey, it’s all about money” will be auctioned at niftee.eu from 17.03.-20.03.2022. NIFTEE has set itself the task of freeing art from the shackles of the canvas. A venture that Jan Kuck has taken on. Jan Kuck, Bernheimer Contemporary and NIFTEE answer the following frequently asked question: What added value does an NFT bring?

To the installation: A play on the #Metoo debate
“Honey, it’s all about money”-a meaningful title alone is not enough here. The inspiration for the installation was the work of the artist Lucas Cranach the Elder, one of the most important German artists of the 16th century and one of the Old Masters. However, his work has also been taken up in meme-
culture: The “unequal couple” provides perfect fuel for to-the-point Internet humor with encroaching and lewd depictions. Through his conceptual art, Jan Kuck wants to turn Cranach’s thesis of women’s power over men and moral transgressions on its head.

Premiere at Bonhams, Munich
The digital auction will kick off at the premiere in Munich on March 17, 2022. Joint pioneering work on NFT is being done by NIFTEE and the auction house Bonhams.
Part of NIFTEE’s concept is to select works of art. Carmelo Lo Porto says: “We clearly see ourselves in the tradition of large auction houses. We want to make the inclined NFT collectors a filtered offer. There are currently very many platforms where countless NFTs are offered, where the cultural relevance is simply questionable.”
Bonhams has also auctioned unique pieces by NFT artists, and in the case of Jan Kuck, the physical artwork can be purchased at the auction house, which was founded in London in 1793.

About Jan Kuck
Jan Kuck, born 1978 in Hannover, lives and works in Berlin and Munich and is represented by the artist agency Bernheimer Contemporary. He has participated in over 60 exhibitions in Germany and abroad (Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, Art Fair Budapest, Genoa Biennale, SOFA CHICAGO Art fair, and many more). He spoke at TEDx Munich and was the first light artist to get the chance to play the Munich Siegestor during MCBW 2020 with his light installation DESIGN! or NO SIGN? His largest art installation in public space to date is THE BURNING RIVER, for which he set nearly 100 meters of Munich’s Isar River seemingly ablaze with industrial lasers in March 2020. In 2021, numerous of his neon writings were exhibited in Munich, Augsburg and Passau as part of the Designwalk.Art exhibition, including in front of the synagogue in Munich.
“Art is philosophy, which, through multidimensional beauty and sharp wit, picks up where words alone no longer suffice to ask the truly fundamental, disturbing and, above all, inspiring questions.” Jan Kuck