The change as a tradition



The change as a tradition:
Artist agency Bernheimer Contemporary – Art Solutions & Projects

Corresponding to the Latin word “agere”, the agency BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY ART SOLUTIONS AND PROJECTS accompanies its artists on their way into the international art market from the earliest stages of their artistic careers. Without remaining in just one city or scene, Isabel Bernheimer’s agency realises projects with established contemporary artists and promising rediscoveries worldwide.

With BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY Isabel Bernheimer pursues her family tradition as its fifth generation. Accordingly extensive is her network, which allows discovering suitable exhibitions for her artists, collaborating with other galleries and realising own projects successfully.

Reaching beyond the conventional (narrowcast) gallery, BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY develops a differentiated proposition, that meet the standards of the global art market as well as the highly intricate forms of productions applied by the artist of the 21st century. Isabel Bernheimer as a passionate networker and art connoisseur meets these greatly individualised claims of contemporary artists on multiple levels with BERNHEIMER CONTEMPORARY.