+++ EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 19TH 2016! +++

SPIELRAUM postcard - BC_web 1

The solo show SPIELRAUM by Blue & Joy artist Daniele Sigalot occupies four rooms of the agency. The Italian artist presents some of his new significant artwork. A monumental concentric structure of aluminum that gives the name to the exhibition welcomes the visitors in the main room. The SPIELRAUMsculpture is suspended from the ceiling and, looking like a reinterpreted chandelier, illuminates the room with its more than a thousand colorful paper planes, thus it is Sigalot’s famous signature piece. The other three rooms depict the artist’s iconic works such as the three open letters to the art, to the future and to the destiny. The totem paper-towers of good and bad ideas, “a reference to creativity at all costs, which often fails to produce the desired outcomes,” says curator, Valentina Galossi.